Give Yourself Permission to Find a Better Balance

While I was on maternity leave with my second son, I had a moment of clarity. I knew that I wanted to find a way to be home with him and be there for my first born who was a first grader. I had depended on daycare and balanced parenting with working outside the home for years, but I knew that going back to work and trying to manage two little ones was going to be too much. It’s not what I wanted. It was no longer the vision I had for my family. I needed to find a different way.

What I didn’t know was how I would make an income. This was 10 years ago, before I was on Facebook, Twitter or even MySpace. I also didn’t have many examples of women who were earning a decent income working from home. I felt like my choices were limited. What could I do? What business could I start quickly? For me, the answer was simple. I would open a home-based daycare.

I always loved children and was comfortable caring for kids. I had the space in my home and quickly figured out the licensing requirements. I advertised on Craigslist and had a few clients before I ever needed to return to my “real job.”

I went from being a full-time working parent to a work-from-home parent. My training was on the job. I had to learn everything and it wasn’t always easy. I had tough days where I craved adult interaction. I had days when I really needed a break – time to remember who I was. It took years and two more children before I gave myself permission to pursue interests beyond being a mother.

I hired extra help. I met new people. I explored my passions and rediscovered myself. I took chances and gained confidence – all while still being able to work from home and earn a decent income from the business I started as a response to my strong desire to be fully present for my children.

After meeting hundreds of mothers and fathers, I understand that this pull and desire is real. Many parents want the flexibility to be present for their children when they need to be. They want to dictate their own schedules. They want to be home, but still earn an income. And the choices are so much more plentiful today than they were 10+ years ago.

There are many ways to build your own business and convert your passions and expertise into an opportunity. There are also many companies that now see the value in offering individuals the chance to work from home.

The question is how do you successfully commit to this more flexible work-from-home option while also being all things to your young children? How do you balance your desire to be fully present and near your children, while also growing your business and earning the income you need?

In theory the answer is simple: Find a support system that offers you and your children the flexibility you need and want.

In reality, the answer is much harder to come by. This is why I started Play, Work or Dash. We want to be the solution parents need and want. We are a new idea in finding that balance. We are the alternative option to daycare. We are the alternative option to hiring occasional babysitters. We are the alternative option to being trapped all day at home with only toddlers as company. We are the way you can find your balance and honor the reason you chose to start your work-from-home opportunity in the first place. We are the way you can make better use of your time and perhaps avoid the late night shifts on the computer.

I know this blog post may read as a sales pitch, but it is simply my passion shining through. I understand and connect with all the parents who walk through my door because I GET IT. I got it 10 years ago when I made the decision to find a different way to earn my income. I also got it when I finally gave myself permission to get the help I needed.

Book a tour and find out how we can help you. We have many options that may fit your professional and personal needs. Also, please help share this message. If you know of a parent who is currently working from home and perhaps could benefit from a little extra support, tell them about us. Share this post with your networks. I can only help those who know about us and understand that there IS A BETTER WAY.

Give Yourself Permission to Find a Better Balance. It's the Best Mother's Day gift you can give yourself.