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Our Mission

Play, Work or Dash® is more than a coworking space, it is an innovative community that supports families. We offer a professional space for parents to work with a flexible part-time child care solution conveniently located onsite. Play, Work or Dash is where professionalism and dreams are never sacrificed because of a lack of affordable, quality, or reliable child care. As our global workforce shifts to allow more employees to telecommute; as a growing population start their own businesses; and as the cost of full-time child care continues to rise many families search for a different answer. The traditional child care model is not always an option for these families. Our services provide peace of mind for parents, socialization for children, and a practical solution to a real dilemma. We are a for-profit social enterprise committed to supporting families. With our help parents are able to:

  • Take on more work and/or grow their businesses faster.
  • Improve their quality of life by not limiting themselves to working a second shift after their kids go to bed.
  • Find community with other like-minded parents.
  • Provide their children a safe and engaging space to play and socialize with other children.
  • Better manage their work-life balance; thereby being more productive with work and more present for their children.
  • Choose a child care solution that reflects their needs and budget.

How We Help

Play, Work or Dash provides support for parents and quality care for children ages 9 months to 8 years old.

For parents, Play, Work or Dash provides a flexible, inviting and professional environment where you can host meetings, work on proposals, catch-up on email, network with like-minded entrepreneurs, and get work done without interruption.

For children, Play, Work or Dash provides hands-on individualized care up to three hours per day in a vibrant and engaging playroom with age-appropriate toys and activities.

Play, Work or Dash provides a variety of support services, including educational workshops/classes, networking events, parents night out events, and the opportunity to bring your kids to work.

Collaborative work spaces, also known as coworking, are traditionally membership-based workspaces where diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals work together in a shared, communal setting. Play, Work or Dash offers the same services as other coworking spaces with the added benefit of onsite and drop-0ff (DASH) childcare.

Our trained and CPR/First Aide certified child care providers supervise, engage and entertain your children in our developmentally appropriate play areas so you can work, network or simply take a break.

Instead of feeling torn between your kids or your business goals, why don’t you “Bring Your Kids to Work.”

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Our Story

Nearly 10 years ago, Nicole Dash, owner and founder of Play, Work or Dash, opened her first business — a home-based day care and preschool. She loved spending time with other people’s kids and was looking for a way to stay home with her own children while making an income. What she learned was that her daycare was not just about the children. The parents of the children in her care needed her as much as the kids did. They depended on her childcare services so they could have the peace of mind to go to work and pursue their careers.

In 2012, Nicole was introduced to a new community of parent-owned businesses through her blog Tiny Steps Mommy. She joined a local networking group for women, and co-organized a conference for women bloggers and small business owners. Shortly after she launched a digital marketing consulting business to help other business owners and bloggers grow their brand.

As she continued to make connections and grow her businesses, she noticed a commonality among the entrepreneurs who were also parents. They didn’t have enough support. These parents felt torn. They were committed to their businesses and jobs, but didn’t want to sacrifice quality care or time with their kids. Many times, these parents were squeezing in work during naps or working well into the night because unlike the parents in her daycare, these entrepreneurs didn’t have reliable child care.

The answer came to Nicole after she was invited to spend the afternoon working at a very large coworking space. She loved the concept and started thinking about whether she could ever rent a space for her business, but, quickly realized it wouldn’t make sense since her youngest was still preschool aged and needed care. She wished there was a place that had flexible office space with onsite care.

So, in 2015, she began the journey toward opening Play, Work or Dash, LLC. A place where like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs can pursue their business goals with that extra level of support parents desire. A place where professionalism and dreams are never sacrificed because of a lack of affordable, quality, or flexible child care.

A place where you “Bring Your Kids to Work.”

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Our Services

DSC_1404Play, Work or Dash offers competitively priced shared office space, on-site supervised play services, conference/meeting space and the opportunity to build a community with other like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs. Learn about our member pricing.


  • Complimentary Coffee/Tea and Snacks
  • Access to Printer/Scanner for small print jobs
  • Comfortable Lounge
  • Open Desks and Work Tables
  • 12-Person Conference/Meeting room
  • Rent-able Day Office
  • Private Offices / Dedicated Desks
  • Enrichment Classes / Workshops
  • Networking / Social Events
  • On-site Supervised Play Services
  • Drop-Off Child Care

How It Works


We supervise and engage your children in our playroom so you can work!

Children ages 9 months to 8 years old may use our play services on a regular basis (up to three hours per day). Our playroom is open year-round including during most school breaks. Every day is an adventure with a jam-packed schedule of organized activities and events. Read More…


You catch-up on email, work on a proposal, host a meeting, or network in our coworking space!

Members of Play, Work or Dash may access the office and lounge during regular hours of operation whether they bring their kids to play or not. Our competitive rates, well-appointed facilities and community of like-minded entrepreneurs make us a great alternative to other coworking spaces. Read More…


We can watch your kids while you run to a quick appointment or attend a luncheon!

If you need to run an errand, attend a luncheon or participate in an off-site meeting, we offer special 90 minute programs for children ages two and older who are potty trained. While your child is enrolled in these programs you may leave the premises. Reservations are required for this service. Read More…

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