New Memberships & Pricing Changes

Flexibility and choice is an important part of our business model. We want everyone to have control of their accounts and book our services when needed. We offer varying levels of membership, as well as different length contracts. We also offer memberships...
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Six Lessons Learned During My First Year in Business

About a year ago, I opened the doors to my new business. I remember looking around at every fixture and detail of my location proudly. I finally made it. The exhausting months of preparation and planning were over and everything I dreamed about had finally...
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Why I’m Using Facebook LIVE to Promote Play, Work or Dash This Month

If you follow us on Facebook — and I really hope you do — then you may have noticed that I am getting up close and comfortable with Facebook Live. Every work day in August I am answering a Frequently Asked Question live on Facebook in an attempt...
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Give Yourself Permission to Find a Better Balance

While I was on maternity leave with my second son, I had a moment of clarity. I knew that I wanted to find a way to be home with him and be there for my first born who was a first grader. I had depended on daycare and balanced parenting with working outside...
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What Could You Do With Three Hours? New Coworking Model is Answer For Parents of Young Children

When I began Play, Work or Dash I understood without a doubt that I was solving a real problem for many parents. This is what I focused on — a viable answer to a problem I knew existed. I developed a practical model that gives parents of young...
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You Don’t Have to be a Millennial Tech Start-up to Embrace Coworking

co-work·ing: the use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge. ‘the whole idea of coworking is to bring bright, creative...
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