New Memberships & Pricing Changes

irlsweekendideas (1)Flexibility and choice is an important part of our business model. We want everyone to have control of their accounts and book our services when needed. We offer varying levels of membership, as well as different length contracts. We also offer memberships and “Pay-As-You-Go” options.

After some consideration, I realized that we can do better. There are many of you that use us on semi-regular basis, or as a drop-off service, but aren’t getting the full benefits of membership.

My goal is to get many more people signed up as members at pricing levels that make sense for them. We want our members to have the absolute best prices on every service we offer. Hopefully, you will find something that works for your family.

“DASH” Recurring Membership

After a several requests, we decided to offer a recurring membership for drop-off. Our NEW Silver DASH Membership costs $120 per month and is only offered in a month-to-month contract. This includes eight 90-Minute DASH Passes PLUS Two Daily Adult Access Passes (12 hrs of care monthly).

“Pay-As-You-Go” Memberships

For those of you who use us on a semi-regular basis, but not enough to purchase a recurring membership, we are now offering a way for you to get all the benefits and discounts of membership with a lower recurring obligation. Our NEW “Pay-As-You-Go” Memberships cost $42 per month and you can choose between the DASH or WORK & PLAY option. With the DASH option you automatically get two 90-minute drop-off passes per month. The WORK & PLAY option offers two 90-minute Work and Play passes per month. With these memberships, you get the best rates on all our services and can purchase your “Pay As You Go” passes at a better price point than non-members. Here is more information on these NEW Pay-As-You-Go Memberships:

Cost? $42 per month (two-week termination notice required)

What’s Included? Two 90-Minute “DASH” passes OR Two 90-minute “WORK & PLAY” Passes per month PLUS:

  • Member discounts on all passes and events (Including Date Nights)
  • Inclusion in Private Facebook Community
  • Free Member-Only Workshop Privileges
  • Conference Room and Event Rental Discounts

Member Rates on Passes

All of our members pay the following rates for passes either in packs or as an add-on.

  • *Drop-off (DASH) passes: One 90-min pass= $22 ($20 sibling) / 6-Pack = $100 / 15-Pack = $247
  • 90-min Play Pass: $16 ($14 sibling add-on)
  • 90-min Work Pass: $8

Check out our full list of prices here!

*All members now get discounts on our DASH passes and packs. The non-member rates on some of our DASH passes and packs have increased.