Flexible Options

We offer a variety of memberships, as well as the ability to purchases passes without membership. You can also rent a private office or dedicated desk. We also have a rent-able conference room, event space, and day office. Click here to create your account, select your membership or fund your account. Contact us with questions.

Attend a tour and get a free 90-minute Universal PWD Pass

Membership Pricing (PDF COPY)


What is a Universal Play, Work or Dash Pass?

We are simplifying our options by offering a Universal Play, Work or Dash Pass. Each 90-minute pass grants you access to either:

  1. A 90-minute “Play and Work” timeslot (to utilize our supervised play services while you remain on-site and work in our shared office space) OR
  2. A 90-minute “Dash” timeslot (to utilize our drop-off child care service).

You may use the Universal PWD pass as you need and want. Buy Universal Play, Work or Dash Passes online!


All Memberships Include

  • Discounts on Additional Universal PWD Passes
  • Discount on Conference Room Rental & Event Rentals
  • Discounts on Special Programming
  • Print up to 10 pages per day
  • Inclusion in private Facebook Group
  • Sibling/family sharing within memberships
  • Free member-only events/workshops (plus free childcare for time of event)


CLICK HERE to learn more about our Private Offices and Dedicated Desks!


Additional Pricing/Non-Member Rates

Universal PWD Pass (90-minute pass) – (BUY NOW)
·       $26 Per pass ($22 Sibling) – Non-Member Rate
·       $21 Per pass – Member Rate
Conference Room Rental (BOOK NOW)
·       $35 per hour – Non-Member Rate
·       $20 per hour – Member Rate
Day Office Rental (BOOK NOW)
·       $10 for 30 minutes or $30 per 90-minutes
·       $90 per day
Parents’ Night Out (3 hours) (RESERVE NOW)
·       $35 – Non-Member Rate
·       $25 – Member Rate
Adult Access

·       $25 per day (BUY NOW)

·       $10 per hour (BUY NOW)


  • Your child must be 2-years-old to be signed-up for the DASH service.
  • You must always remain accessible within 30 minutes.
  • Reservations can be made up to 30-minutes before a specific timeslot.
  • Each child needs a reservation. Adults no longer need reservations.
  • Membership offers a specific number of passes per month. You can share this pool of passes within your family.
  • Passes do not roll-over if you do not use them within a month.
  • You must provide 48-hours noticeprior to your auto-pay to cancel a month-to-month membership. We CANNOT offer refunds once an autopay is processed.
  • After your 3- and 6-month membership term is over, your membership WILL AUTO-RENEW and convert into a month-to-month membership until you ask us to terminate.
  • You may not exceed 3-hours of care daily.

How do I change my plan or cancel?

While we would hate to see you go, we understand that your needs may change over time. If you have a month-to-month contract simply email at least 48 hours prior to your recurring payment and will be happy to make the change for you. If you have a three-month, six-month, or annual contract, there is a termination fee equal to one month – for the 3-month and 6-month contracts and a termination fee of two months for the annual contract (if terminating prior to the end of the contact terms). The only exception to this is if there are unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or moving out of the area.  We can not return payments so make sure to cancel prior to your next billing cycle.

Can I pay for my membership months in advance?

All of our memberships have recurring billing and have variable length contracts.

If I don’t use the included child care hours or conference room hours each month do they carry over?

At this time you can not carry over your monthly child care or conference room hours.

Can my children share passes?

If you purchase a recurring membership, then you may use your allotted monthly passes for all of your children as you wish. So, yes, siblings can share the passes included in your monthly contract. Each child, however, needs a pass. If you have three children, you would use three of your allotted passes for one visit.

What is the minimum amount of time I can use your services each day?

Our reservations are split into 90 minute increments. So, the minimum amount of time you can utilize our play services or our office space is 90 minutes per day. Each membership package offers a certain amount of included hours, but each reservation is for 90 minutes. So, a 12 hour play package actually offers 8 – 90 minutes sessions. You can use two 90 minutes sessions per day.

Can I Purchase a Gift Card?

Yes, we offer gift cards for sale online or in person. Gift cards, however, are only redeemable in person. You can not apply your gift card to online purchases.

How do I create an account? And do I need one if I’m not a member?

You can access our online system to create an account for your family. Or you can stop by Play, Work or Dash and we can help you create your account in person. In order to use the child care services, you do need to create an account so you can fill out all the necessary emergency contact information and sign the necessary waivers.

When do I pay for the “pay as you go” services?

At Play, Work or Dash we will help you check-in for both the child care services and the work area. We can accept debit or credit card payments as you enter (we do not accept cash). To make things faster, we recommend paying online at the time of your reservation and/or connecting your credit/debit card to your online account.

If I host a meeting in the conference room do my guests need to pay?

Adults participating in a meeting do not need to pay to enter. If they bring their kids, however, they would need to pay for child care.

Can I bring a guest?

Guest passes may be purchased in person. Members are offered one free adult guest pass per month. Additional passes are sold at $20 per day.