Private Offices and Dedicated Desks

Are You Ready to Up-Level Your Business?

Beginning in January 2018, Play, Work or Dash is offering private offices and dedicated desks as part of its expanded space. Play, Work or Dash is evolving to better meet the needs and demands of this community. These private offices and dedicated desks will rent out FAST. These will be secured on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE basis.

There are four private offices for rent. One day office rent-able in 30-minute increments, a 12-person conference room, and one office with three half-day dedicated desks. Contact if you are interested in scheduling a tour and seeing the space.

The pricing for the private offices and dedicated desks are as follows (Please note: pre-opening rates are only available in December):

Contact if you are interested in scheduling a tour and seeing the space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this considered a lease agreement?

While you are securing a specific room or desk, you are not signing a lease, but instead joining Play, Work or Dash as either a private office member or a dedicated desk member..

What’s Included?

Private Office Members: 24/7 Access to PWD, Mail Services, an office with a lockable door, 4 hours per month of conference room time that may accrue, logo on front window, member discounts on event/meeting space, date nights, and child care. Unlimited use of shared office space. You can also add-on child care packages at a special rate.

Dedicated Desk Members: Exclusive access to a desk within an office for either mornings or evenings 7 days per week, 2 hours per month of conference room time that may accrue. Unlimited use of shared office space. You can also add-on child care packages at a special rate.

What is the length of the agreement?

All private office members agree to a 12-month contract. Dedicated desk members agree to a 6-month contract. You are responsible for paying all months in your agreement whether you are able to use the space or not. You cannot skip a month or put this membership on hold.

Is there a deposit?

Yes, you must pay a one-month deposit to initiate your membership. This deposit will be applied to your last month.

What will first floor look like?

The first floor of our current side will convert into the play room. The first floor on the new side will become our shared office space. It will mix tables and desks with more comfortable seating. The new side also has a built-in reception desk and will have a call room for making private phone calls. The main entrance of Play, Work or Dash will be on the new side (8214-C).

Can I share a private office with someone to split costs?

Yes, you are absolutely allowed to share an office with other solopreneurs or business owners. However, payments must auto-debit from a single account.

Do these prices include child care?

No, the prices are only for the private office or dedicated desk. But, we do offer a SPECIAL add-on rate for child care. Here is the chart:

If I host a meeting in the conference room or in my office do my guests need to pay?

Adults participating in a meeting or working with you in your office do not need to pay to enter. If they bring their kids, however, they would need to pay for child care.