So Much More Than a Key

Today is the day everything began to feel real. It wasn’t the legal documents or exchange of money. It was the key. A small physical object that is anything but small. It is so much more than a key. It is a symbol of the future for Play, Work or Dash. It is the beginning.

I’ve spent the last few days sharing my news with close friends, contacts, and family members. I have also spent the last few days on the phone with my insurance agent, the power company, a security company, a phone company, and many many more. And each and every time I explain my vision, I get a stirring in my stomach.

My passion and excitement for this next chapter is incredibly strong. I want this to succeed. But, more than this I want to make a difference for parents. I want to offer a new option for anyone who is struggling to balance being a parent and growing a business.

The whirlwind has officially started… and I am simply grateful. Thanks for reading and following along in this journey.

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